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ITIL: A Four-Letter Word?

By Dick Stark ITIL is what happens when good ideas get absorbed by a bureaucracy and institutionalized and homogenized to a point where they are almost useless. Why is ITIL so obtuse that someone has to ask, “Is rebooting a … Continue reading

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Why Knowledge Management is Important to the Success of your Service Desk

By Dick Stark Last Thursday I hosted a joint webinar with RightAnswers.  The topic: “Knowledge is Power, IT Knowledge Management for your BMC Service Desk.”  Surprisingly, Knowledge Management (KM) gets less than expected mindshare with most of the service desks … Continue reading

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BMC’s ITSM Launch Event

By Dick Stark Are you ready for a revolution? This is an opportunity for solutions that will revitalize the ITSM space, help IT be more relevant, and get people excited again about what’s possible. So proclaimed Paul Avenant, President of … Continue reading

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Gartner’s New ITSSM Magic Quadrant

By Dick Stark In November 2010, BMC climbed to the top of the mountain, the pinnacle of IT’s holiest of holy places, the upper right corner of the IT Service Desk Gartner Magic Quadrant.  And when they looked around, they … Continue reading

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Morning at the Newseuem

By Dick Stark RightStar and BMC held a seminar last week at the Newseum in Washington, DC to discuss trends in ITSM and the new version of Remedy 8 to be released next quarter. The speaker was Doug Mueller, Remdy … Continue reading

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The End of Your Service Help Desk

By Dick Stark Network World reported last Wednesday from the Gartner Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit on Gartner’s “top 10” list of the most significant emerging trends that will impact data centers and information technology used by businesses and government … Continue reading

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